Thursday… March 19th at 2:30 – Here at Ricker Memorial Library.   For  12 years and up..

Please Call to Make Reservations …  998-4390

“Due to federal budget cuts, the IRS will not be sending tax instruction booklets to public libraries.  They will send some forms.  If you need the tax instructions booklets for the 1040, 1040A, or forms, you may access or print them from any Internet connected computer from the IRS’s  website  The cost for printing at the library is .15 cents a page.  To request that the IRS mail the instruction to your home call 1-800-829-3676.”

“Maine tax forms haven’t been sent to libraries for a few years now.  You may order Maine form instructions by calling the Maine Department of Revenue at  1-207-624-7894.”

Fishing fly tying class here at the library.   Spring fishing could be just around the corner (or maybe not??).  Learn how to tie flies in the meantime.  Please call to register 998-4390… We have room for 5  fly tying learners.  All materials are provided.

Help support this fund raising event that benefits the library and you just might also be a proud new owner of a beautiful crochet afghan.   They were made and donated by one of our patrons.  We will draw two winners.

$1.00  per ticket   $5.00 for 6 tickets  * Drawing will be March 31st



Learn how to make a bracelet with Debbie Smith.  Thursday Feb 5th at 1:30.

Please call to make reservations… space is limited   998-4390


1.  Cover books

2.  Shelve books

3.   Check new book shelves for “old” books to put on change status shelf

4.  Straighten books, magazines, DVD’s etc.

5.  Check bulletin boards for outdated posters/notices

6.  Merchandising books on shelf which look like they haven’t gone out much

7.  Wash Books

8.  Attach bar code, book plates on incoming new books

9.  Decorate library on holidays

10.  Pull children’s holiday books

11.  Straighten flyers etc. on tables in lobby area & pull outdated  bulletin

12.  Dust upstairs and downstairs

13.  Wash windows downstairs

14.  Wipe off tables in Community Room

15.   Clean Kitchen

16.  Craft prep help for story time

17.  Need someone to work in flower gardens

18.  Need someone to wash the library curtains




The Library has many that need to find a new home… A bag full is only  $3.00… If you are one of lucky ones that still have a VHS player: come check out the downstairs for movies.   Should be something for all ages.


Ricker Memorial Library in partnership with is proud to offer Free Maine Driver Permit practice tests.  These tests, for both automobile and motorcycle, along with the Driver Handbook for each, are available by clicking on the link below:

Good Luck and Happy Driving!

Click on this link: test



Jane Fawcett and her dog is available on Saturdays ..  10:30 – 11:30  **** Please come in to sign up or call the library 998-4390.  Sign up is required so that we may call Jane to bring in Lizzy.

Tuesdays 10:00 to 11:00 with ” Miss Carolyn” starts Sept. 2nd.

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