Come to pick out your  library books to take home for reading;   and then sit down and play a quiet  game.  We now have Scrabble,  Sorry!,  Monopoly and Yahtzee.  We also have Wii!!!!

Tuesday evenings 6:30 to 8:00 anyone who would like to join us in knitting as group is welcome.  Everyone does their own projects.

The Library is looking for a volunteer to help seniors in  basic computer skills.  Please call the Library at 998-4390 for more information.

Join Jane Fawcett and her dog Lizzy on SATURDAY  mornings from 10:30 – 11:30 am .  Kids can practice their reading skills while reading to Lizzy and also make a  new friend!  Please call the library at 998-4390 to register.  Next time Lizzy will be able to come is Feb 22nd.  Must call to register please.

Join Jane Fawcett and her dog Lizzy on Tuesday afternoons from 4 – 5.  Kids can practice their reading skills while reading to Lizzy and also make a  new friend!  Please call the library at 998-4390 to register.

Teens looking for schools can check out

Still lots of summer weather to come our way…. READING TIME ….Your library has many books to choice from at almost give away prices…   how about $3.00 for a bag full of books and movies.   If that is too many books–you can purchase hard cover books for $1.00 each –  paperbacks  $.50 and $1.00 for movies.  Also by your reading /purchasing  books ;  the library benefits by these sales so that we can purchase new books.  So please come visit the downstairs at the library to view the great selections.

Passes are now available at A.B. Ricker Memorial Library.   The Maine Wildlife  Park is located in Gray and has over 30 species of animals.  With this pass enjoy savings on the entrance fee .  Please contact the library for more information.  998-4390

RATLINES  by Stuart Neville.  After World War II, Nazi criminals fled to all corners of the globe.  Some came to the US, as many as 9,000 were believed to have gone to South America, specifically Brazil (which had 3,000 citizens who joined the party making them the numerically significant country),  and  to my surprise, Ireland where some local sympathizers had hoped they would defeat the British and perhaps free them from yoke.  This tells a fictional tale playing on the true environment that existed in Ireland after the war.  Nazis with new names and stolen money were manipulating and still killing others, dreaming of either a return to power or at the least a new personal kingdom.  British and Israeli secret police were trying to track them down and exact punishment,  while the bad guys were still plying their trade.  Albert Ryan now works for the Minister of Justice of the British government and is tasked with cleaning up some of the mess.  His record as super Special Forces guy during World War II and Korea makes him adversary is the ex-Nazi Skorzeny who has too many connections, and too much money to take down.  Things are going to get ugly.  Because Stuart Neville lives in Ireland he can write with authority and has created a novel that is both gripping and informative.

‘The Panther”  by Nelson DeMille

If you haven’t read anything by Nelson DeMille,  you haven’t read a book with as much amusing people-to-people interaction,  accurate geographical background, and historical information,  coupled with a dynamic,  interesting topical plot.  Like all of his books,  this one is just terrific.  Once you begin,  you’ll turn off the TV,  quiet the kids and the dog,  and forge ahead to find out what is in store.

This book finds John Corey an ex-NYC cop,  and his wife an FBI agent who was forced to shoot and kill a CIA in the last book,  enticed to go to Yemen to act as bait in order to capture (or kill) an American who has become a top Al Qaeda operative.  “The Panther” as he likes to be called,  is determined to kill all Yemen outlanders ,  and restore the country to its early Islamic roots.

Yemen is considered the wasteland of the world,  and is fought over by its warlords,  corrupt government, FBI, CIA, and the US State Department all of whom have divergent agendas.  Thrust in this volatile mix is John Corey  and his wife Kate Mayfield,  and a couple of honest fellow do-gooders who,  they soon learn,  are pawns in a big orchestrated scheme which  sees them expendable and threatening,  by not the Yemeni government,  but our own!  John Corey’s street smarts honed in NYC,  are beneficial even here in the remote desert of Yemen.  And  it’s a good thing,  because it is the only thing that will save their lives.

This is a must read for the serious reader who enjoys a superb thriller that will keep you interested throughout the 625 pages that seem to fly by too quickly.

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