Thank You!

The Modern Woodmen of America generously have given Ricker Library beautiful new handmade shelving for the community room.  This was much needed and we certainly appreciate this donation.  As well as the shelving, we also received from them a wonderful picnic table.

“A Stolen Season” by Steve Hamilton

Sometimes it’s nice to read a mystery thriller set in a new and different venue.  In this case,  Michigan’s Upper Peninsular is the scene where an antique Chris Craft wooden boat crashes into an abandoned boat pier on the fourth of July leading to a mystery where policemen are killed and small town locals are threatened by big city mobsters.    Ex-policeman Alex McKnight rescues the occupants of the boat,  but  rather than a happy occasion,  it leads to the murder and mayhem that follows.  The Great Lakes quite naturally play a role in events that occur both here and in Canada.  The story is interesting and the flawed characters provide the backdrop for a plot that will leave the reader wondering what will happen next.  The only fly in my personal ointment is the author’s lack of gun knowledge that causes me to wonder why he doesn’t seek input from someone that would make his venture into this arena a great deal more accurate and thus wouldn’t detract from the rest of the story which is factual in geography and nuance.  If you are tired of many of the writers who seem to be cranking out a book a week like Pringles, this one with a good storyline in a different setting might just be your cup of tea.


Need help using our new e-book system or your e-reader?  Please call the library to set up a time for instructions on how to use your e-reader.   We were fortunate to have someone willing to donate her time to help the patrons get started on Monday afternoons at 1:00.   Hope to see you there!

What children’s/teen’s program’s or events would you like to see at the library?

Please let us know your opinion, as the staff at the library and the Friend’s of the library are always open to new ideas and would welcome feedback!

Everyone’s dying to know? Send me your opinion on a book or audiobook that you have recently checked out, and I’ll post it for others to enjoy.  A good recommendation is always welcome. 😉


We now have ebooks! Visit this website and log-in using your library card number:

Don’t worry, if what you’re looking for is not available, you can place a hold on it for future check-out.

Friend’s of Ricker Memorial Library is a small group of local volunteers who work hard to come up with ideas and exciting programs for the library. The Friend’s are in desperate need of volunteers to continue to support and provide programming for the community. If you have some time and would like to help out please send an email to

“The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern

This displayed the author’s imaginations as she wove chapter after chapter of fanciful, magical events utilizing characters that could have graduated from hogwarts.  However, therein lays the problem: it was chapter after chapter after chapter, seemingly without end and without connecting the dots creating a interesting story, or even a plot.  It began with promise, much like “Stardust” by Neil Gaiman, but fizzled with never ending repetition.  I enjoyed the lengthy tomes by J.K. Rowling because each of the Potter stories kept you on the edge of your seat and the magic had purpose, and the characters had depth.  Sadly, I got as far as page 204 out of the 387, and I left the story without wondering what happened because I simply didn’t care.


As much as we all appreciate receiving your wonderful donations, Please, Please do not leave them outside for us when the library is closed. Thanks!

Book Sale

Here at the library, we have an ongoing booksale.  These items are located in the basement.  All hardcover books are $1.00, paperbacks are .50 cents. BUT for a bargain of $3.00 you may fill a bag with as many books as will fit. If you don’t find something, don’t be discouraged, our books are always circulating, so your sure to find something next time.   😛

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