‘The Panther”  by Nelson DeMille

If you haven’t read anything by Nelson DeMille,  you haven’t read a book with as much amusing people-to-people interaction,  accurate geographical background, and historical information,  coupled with a dynamic,  interesting topical plot.  Like all of his books,  this one is just terrific.  Once you begin,  you’ll turn off the TV,  quiet the kids and the dog,  and forge ahead to find out what is in store.

This book finds John Corey an ex-NYC cop,  and his wife an FBI agent who was forced to shoot and kill a CIA in the last book,  enticed to go to Yemen to act as bait in order to capture (or kill) an American who has become a top Al Qaeda operative.  “The Panther” as he likes to be called,  is determined to kill all Yemen outlanders ,  and restore the country to its early Islamic roots.

Yemen is considered the wasteland of the world,  and is fought over by its warlords,  corrupt government, FBI, CIA, and the US State Department all of whom have divergent agendas.  Thrust in this volatile mix is John Corey  and his wife Kate Mayfield,  and a couple of honest fellow do-gooders who,  they soon learn,  are pawns in a big orchestrated scheme which  sees them expendable and threatening,  by not the Yemeni government,  but our own!  John Corey’s street smarts honed in NYC,  are beneficial even here in the remote desert of Yemen.  And  it’s a good thing,  because it is the only thing that will save their lives.

This is a must read for the serious reader who enjoys a superb thriller that will keep you interested throughout the 625 pages that seem to fly by too quickly.


“The Triple Agent”  by  Jody Warrick

This Pulitzer Prize-winning author has written a well researched, detailed, yet interesting book about how out-of -touch CIA home office management, and ambitious field managers cooperated in an operation that saw a triple agent strap on a unusually lethal bombing vest and kill seven key officers in Khost , Afghanistan.  This was the single worst loss of CIA operatives in decades.  Despite the misgivings of knowledgeable field operators who correctly smelled a rat when supposed super spy Dr. Humam Khalil was asked to come to a meeting with his handlers, the Langley, VA management team ordered the Jordanian to meet with his handlers and an interrogation team with disastrous  results.  Blinded by Balawi’s well orchestrated feeding of information about the inner workings of al-Qaeda, they blundered forward with this ill-conceived plan.  If you enjoy spy novels, you will certainly enjoy this book.




“Stay Close”

“Stay Close” is the newest book by Harlan Coben and, like all of his others, it is a must read for mystery buffs. Harlan continues to create books that are full of twists and turns, where the end is never in sight. This one is set in New Jersey and features Atlantic City, but not the upscale casinos usually the only spots frequented by tourists. It finds a woman with a carefully hidden past suddenly thrust in the middle of a murder mystery that began in her “wild” days 17 years before and now threatens her placid family life. None of the events appear to make sense until the cop who has been working the case for almost two decades finally sniffs out a serial case unseen by others. “Stay Close” will indeed stay close to you until it’s finished!

Thank You!

The Modern Woodmen of America generously have given Ricker Library beautiful new handmade shelving for the community room.  This was much needed and we certainly appreciate this donation.  As well as the shelving, we also received from them a wonderful picnic table.

“A Stolen Season” by Steve Hamilton

Sometimes it’s nice to read a mystery thriller set in a new and different venue.  In this case,  Michigan’s Upper Peninsular is the scene where an antique Chris Craft wooden boat crashes into an abandoned boat pier on the fourth of July leading to a mystery where policemen are killed and small town locals are threatened by big city mobsters.    Ex-policeman Alex McKnight rescues the occupants of the boat,  but  rather than a happy occasion,  it leads to the murder and mayhem that follows.  The Great Lakes quite naturally play a role in events that occur both here and in Canada.  The story is interesting and the flawed characters provide the backdrop for a plot that will leave the reader wondering what will happen next.  The only fly in my personal ointment is the author’s lack of gun knowledge that causes me to wonder why he doesn’t seek input from someone that would make his venture into this arena a great deal more accurate and thus wouldn’t detract from the rest of the story which is factual in geography and nuance.  If you are tired of many of the writers who seem to be cranking out a book a week like Pringles, this one with a good storyline in a different setting might just be your cup of tea.


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