This pass allows access to Maine State Parks and Historical Sites.
Check out pass for two days.

This pass is made available to patrons of the library.
We are very grateful  for this great gift.

A patron who checks out the State Park Pass can have it for 2 days.  If the pass is checked out before 3 PM, that day counts as the first day.  For example :

A pass is checked out at 11 AM on Wednesday .  Wednesday is the first day.  Thursday is the second day.  The pass needs to either be put in the bookdrop Thursday night or it can be returned promptly at 9 AM Friday morning.  The overdue fee for the pass is $5.00 per day.  Each patron (or family) can only reserve the pass one time each month; however, patrons are welcome to take out the pass any time it is available even if if they have already reserved it once.

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