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“The Triple Agent”  by  Jody Warrick

This Pulitzer Prize-winning author has written a well researched, detailed, yet interesting book about how out-of -touch CIA home office management, and ambitious field managers cooperated in an operation that saw a triple agent strap on a unusually lethal bombing vest and kill seven key officers in Khost , Afghanistan.  This was the single worst loss of CIA operatives in decades.  Despite the misgivings of knowledgeable field operators who correctly smelled a rat when supposed super spy Dr. Humam Khalil was asked to come to a meeting with his handlers, the Langley, VA management team ordered the Jordanian to meet with his handlers and an interrogation team with disastrous  results.  Blinded by Balawi’s well orchestrated feeding of information about the inner workings of al-Qaeda, they blundered forward with this ill-conceived plan.  If you enjoy spy novels, you will certainly enjoy this book.




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